I love a little French Typography to add some character to a piece.  Especially when it's all distressed in a creamy white.  Love my creamy white colors.  I figured this was the perfect little piece to go to the Graphic Fairy and transfer something in French.  Who doesn't love a French inspired piece anyways!    I never got a before pic because I guess I was too ansey! 
Ok, so it's been way to long since I've been on here and shared some new pieces.   This piece I absolutely fell in love with and was hard to let go. But if I kept every single piece of furniture I did my house would be busting at the seems! Some day when I have a larger house (oh I can't wait!)  I will be able to showcase so many more transformations.    

I knew I had a photo shoot coming up and decided this would be the perfect piece to transform. It's been sitting in my garage for a couple of months, just waiting to look happy again :)   I went back and forth many times about what color she should be.  Then I found this inspiration pic of a light minty green dresser and I knew that was the color.  Especially with her shape and curves, I wanted a feminine touch, of course I had some Anthropholgie knobs to finish the look.  So that store is addicting, but it always give me a good excuse to go in there, my guilty pleasure :)    

So once again, I played mixologist and created the perfect mint green I was going for.  I have a gazillion cans of paint in my garage so it's not hard to create colors. 

I had a vision in my head of how I wanted this photo shoot to go and the look I was going for, I think it worked out perfectly!   Here are a couple amazing pics by Andrea Gallagher of Andrea Gallagher Photography. More pics to follow another day.   Check out her website in my Favorite Blogs, she's amazing and so talented!   I captured my own picture of her in action!!

Finally, another piece for me! I have so many projects I want to work for my own home, it's just hard to find the time.    I had a vision in my head about how I wanted to hide my son's legos! I found the perfect piece on Craigslist at the perfect price. Solid mahogany and hepplewhite pulls, be still my heart!!!    I wasn't exactly sure what color I wanted to use but I did know I wanted to re stain the top of this beauty.  I found this opps paint by Olympic at Lowes, just love this color, reminds me of the beach, which is where I live. After all, I am a flip flop girl living in a flip flop world :) 
I just love playing mixologist!! I knew I wanted something bold and  blue, but not a true turquoise.  So I mixed about 3 different colors to get the Teal that I wanted.  I already knew a lot of distressing was going to take place which I totally LOVE!!! And a dark glaze to add to the aged look and give more dimension. This is a solid maple Ethan Allen dresser, but definitely from a different era so that meant ugly hardware needed to be done away with and changed. I toyed with silver a bit but black and the acrylic knobs mixed with black just seemed to bring out the glaze more and I love the color combo anyway.  Here she is!! What do you think?!
My client had this beautifully detailed dresser that needed to dolled up for her little girls room.  I went to check out her daughter's room so I could get a feel for what kind of style is in there and what she wanted to accomplish.  There were already a couple of pieces in there that were a deep cream and very distressed and shabby chic like.  We thought it would be great to add some color to this dresser to pump up the style  a little  and play off some of the other colors in the room. The dresser had great details so I knew the distressing was going to be fun.  Instead of changing out the hardware, I decided to paint the hardware the same aqua blue color as the drawers.  I would normally get rid of these style of handles but I didn't want to go modern with this but keep a boho edge without going antique as well. There were no curves in the dresser but just enough details to get the feel of the style we were going for.  This is my new favorite creamy white, a Sherwin Williams paint, love! I also custom mixed the aqua blue color with 2 different paints that I already had to get the right color, not too light, not too bold.  Here she is!!
Playing a little catch up. I finished these two dressers just in time before I took off for a little winter vacation.  

This orangey brown dresser was very plain jane, but solid wood and good bones.  The client picked out a beautiful darker blue and with a change of the hardware, delivers a nice punch to the guest room.   Once it was painted, I decided it need a little more dimension and character so I glazed it with a mocha brown right after I did a light distressing.  Love the outcome and I would really like to use this color again. I tried out a different paint as well from our local hardware store, a paint made by Sherwin Williams.   
When I first saw this table, I knew the transformation was going to be great, whatever it was going to be.   The body of this table has beautiful legs and some fun detail in the wood. The top was was very outdated with that old light birch look.   I loved the color the client picked out for the body, a beautiful blue called Cape Cod Blue by Dunn Edwards, which accents some of the walls in her house.   The client bought new chairs to go with the table, something a little more modern and rustic compared to the old Windsor chairs.   So the trick was to match the color of the table top to the stain color of the chairs.  A little tricky but by after the 4th color of stain, voila! done!  The chairs are not a solid color, they have hints of this and that, which i love! Definitely gives it that rustic flair along with the wood grain that shows beautifully.  Take a look at the before and afters.  What do you think? 
I could not WAIT to get my hands on this dresser!  The hardware is just amazing and so unique and I love the curves of the drawers.   The clients and I decided that a light grey color with a stained top would enhance this already beautiful dresser.  As you can see in the before picture, the hardware was just blending in with the wood too much. These amazing pulls need to be on display, the focal point of this dresser. I restrained the top of the dresser in a walnut brown and did a little distressing around the edges of the top to play off the light distressing on the body of the dresser.  I have to say this is one of my favorite pieces and I wish it were mine! She's a beauty!   Flannel Grey by Behr and a Walnut stain by Minwax did the trick. 
So I have to say, I really enjoy playing mixologist and customizing a color for a piece.  I took a much darker turquoise blue and mixed it with an aqua color and this is what I got, love it!  Of course I forgot to take a before pic but you can imagine it as a knotty pine console table.  A little old school, well built, but needed some character. Instead of going all blue, I thought a dark stain top would make it a little more rich.  Slight distressing  around the edges to give it a worn look and some mocha colored glazed to tone down the vibrant color.   A fun Anthropologie knob to add something special and finish it off!  
This antique dresser I found at the Salvation Army was love at first site.  The hardware and the curvy feet really drew me in, plus that little lip on the back of dresser, love those! Not too mention it was in great condition, drawers were in perfect condition.  A little haggling and it was mine!!  Well, only mine for a couple of days and then I found it a home :) I have used this yummy barn yard colored red for another client before and I knew this dresser was meant to be this Red Delicious color by Glidden.  A little distressing here and there around the edges and then I mixed up a glaze in a espresso color and wiped it on and off.  The glaze helps to tone down the brightness of the red and gives it that aged look too.  This time I decided to use my Howard's Citrus Wax to seal this lovely lady.   My husband said it's his favorite piece he's seen so far, woot woot!  


    Beauty on a Budget!  Former teacher turned furniture painter extraordinaire, who would have thought :) I live in sunny San Diego but more specifically on Coronado island, my fairytale home.  I love being a mom, wife, friend and entrepreneur.  Besides "Garage 36" I have been fortunate enough to own a business with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. Helping people get the best skin of their lives and helping them grow their own business.  I really enjoy working from home on my terms and create my own lifestyle.

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