Courtesy of The Rosie Network, "Garage 36" is featured in the August edition of Woman's Day!! What an honor!!   Andrea Gallagher of Andrea Gallagher Photography is the talented woman behind the lens here!    The Rosie Network was created by two military spouses,  Jill Ivie and Stephanie Brown.  They are dedicated to promote military spouses and their home businesses.  The Rosie Network is like Angie's List meets Etsy!   Their website is about to go viral soon so check it out!    Link up below to The Rosie Network and Andrea Gallagher Photography.
So, this has been on my list of things to try and I finally got a chance!  My client wanted that beachy, driftwood, rustic feel to her dresser and two nightstands.  I knew exactly how I wanted to create that look.  Vinegar and Steel Wool!  I didn't know how much I was going to need for these 3 pieces so I took 2 good size mason jars and filled them up with white vinegar about 3/4 full and put two pieces of fine grade, 0000 grade steel wool in the jar.  I let it sit for 4 days.   First the pieces were sanded down with my orbital DeWalt. I love that tool!!!  I also used this new sander, , it's a Ryobi Detail Sander, a nice addition to my collection :)   The wood was pine and had that typical orangey tinge to it.  Sorry, before picture  is non-existent! I think I just got to anxious to start and forgot, definitely happens! 
I used some white cotton cloths to apply the stain.  Gloves are a must! I only needed one coat of the natural stain.  
I love the smell of this chemical free wax I used!  It's called Howard Citrus Shield.  Great product, a little spendy, but worth it.  Glass knobs are from Anthropologie.  Totally love the outcome and so did the client. 


    Beauty on a Budget!  Former teacher turned furniture painter extraordinaire, who would have thought :) I live in sunny San Diego but more specifically on Coronado island, my fairytale home.  I love being a mom, wife, friend and entrepreneur.  Besides "Garage 36" I have been fortunate enough to own a business with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. Helping people get the best skin of their lives and helping them grow their own business.  I really enjoy working from home on my terms and create my own lifestyle.

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