This is a Bonnet Chest from the 1800's.  It was in fantastic condition but needed a little makeover.  I had a plan for this when the customer wanted a drift wood look, something more natural.  The outcome was accomplished but the plan to get there really threw me for a loop.  So... I like using a vinegar and steel wool combo to accomplish this look, but the mahogany wood was just not going to cooperate... at all!!   Once I had it all sanded down and the solution sat for a couple of days, it was ready to go on the chest. I put a stain conditioner on first, but it was looking to red. I went ahead with the vinegar solution and it turned almost black!! Totally did not expect that at all!! So I tried a 24 hour solution, still a no go.  I even tried a grey stain just to see and nada.   Basically the wood wanted nothing on it.    So I figured I would just sand it again and put a Citrus wax on it and call it a day.  Nope, the wood once again turned a red hue!  Seriously!!!!  So I experimented with just putting a water based poly on it. Voila!!!   It was working, not changing it a color but allowing it to be in it's original state, pretty wood grains coming through and a drift wood feel.   After all that trial and error, it turned out so beautiful!! I have to say, sometimes something in the buff is just whats called for and looks gorgeous!  Im so happy with the outcome, I didn't want to give this piece back to it's owner, lol!!  Here is she is, in all her glory.   Aqua color Anthropologie knobs gives her a more soft look.  

8/30/2013 01:39:48 pm

Great Job, Mandy! I love the finished product, you were able to bring out the natural beauty hidden within...that's true talent.


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