Finally! I got around to painting these cute little end tables.  Something else that has been sitting in my garage for quite some time, which seems to be the ol' song and dance.  Three more pieces like that in my garage, which Im sure will take another gazillion years to complete! Actually, I've been blessed to be doing mostly custom work so those other projects have been pushed aside. 

So I just bought this awesome aqua color in Olympic a couple of weeks ago and was excited to use it.  Not sure the name because it was a wonderful "oops" paint that I was lucky enough to grab before someone else did.  So after using my chalk paint recipe in actually two different colors, I distressed a little to show the first layer of paint which is a nut brown color. Love doing that.  Then I decided to create a white wash on the top using a grey.  Still love grey right now and it pairs well with aqua. you have it!!   
I bought this beautiful Eastlake antique dresser quite a while ago.  It's from the late 1800's and had awesome pin and cove joints in the drawers, a rare find!  It needed some minor repairs but nothing too bad.  When I was asked to create a piece for a military auction,  I decided this was the piece to use, it needed a home!  And... I just love a deep coral color so I hand mixed just the right hue, love it!  It's a lot of fun to create a custom color.  Fall is on my  mind lately and those deep lush colors! 
This is a Bonnet Chest from the 1800's.  It was in fantastic condition but needed a little makeover.  I had a plan for this when the customer wanted a drift wood look, something more natural.  The outcome was accomplished but the plan to get there really threw me for a loop.  So... I like using a vinegar and steel wool combo to accomplish this look, but the mahogany wood was just not going to cooperate... at all!!   Once I had it all sanded down and the solution sat for a couple of days, it was ready to go on the chest. I put a stain conditioner on first, but it was looking to red. I went ahead with the vinegar solution and it turned almost black!! Totally did not expect that at all!! So I tried a 24 hour solution, still a no go.  I even tried a grey stain just to see and nada.   Basically the wood wanted nothing on it.    So I figured I would just sand it again and put a Citrus wax on it and call it a day.  Nope, the wood once again turned a red hue!  Seriously!!!!  So I experimented with just putting a water based poly on it. Voila!!!   It was working, not changing it a color but allowing it to be in it's original state, pretty wood grains coming through and a drift wood feel.   After all that trial and error, it turned out so beautiful!! I have to say, sometimes something in the buff is just whats called for and looks gorgeous!  Im so happy with the outcome, I didn't want to give this piece back to it's owner, lol!!  Here is she is, in all her glory.   Aqua color Anthropologie knobs gives her a more soft look.  

This little desk had a issue with the top so off it went!!  I chipped off the old top and replaced it with a new one I had cut at Home Depot. There was particle board under the old top so painting on that was going to be a no go.   The hardware also needed to be replaced, it looked like the salty air here eroded it, crazy!  So new silver cuffs and silver knobs.  This desk is going in a boy's room so he had an idea of the blue he wanted.  Back to school! A desk is needed, makes school work a little more fun?! Maybe?!   The color is Infinite Deep Sea by Behr.  
I've had soooo many inquiries about the color of that  yellow dresser!!!  I think yellow is one of those colors that's just hard to find the right one!  My customer and I went back and forth with a couple different yellows but she knew she wanted it a more mustard color.   She picked the perfect shade and it's still one of my favorite pieces of all time.   If you think you can't go bold with a piece like that in your house, think again!! I just think the style of the furniture has to be right as well, to display such a beautiful bold color like that.   And the color is…
   Midsummer Gold by Behr
I used my own chalk paint recipe with the paint. 
So once again I was chomping at the bit to get started so there is no before pic!!! Seriously, not thinking here! But... the twin to this dresser is in the process of a redo so there will be a before pic to that one, promise!!   I love love love grey right now, it's been the new white for a while now and here to stay.  The dresser is solid mahogany so the bones are great! Dovetail joints, eek!   But, just too outdated.  I styled this a little Old World and it kind of added that masculine feel to it.  Totally love it and I didn't want to return it back to it's owner!!    Here is a pic before pic of the matching night stand so you can get a feel of "what was." 
The Nitty Gritty

     Color:  Lightyear by Behr 
Stain:  Ebony Minwax
 Poly by Varathane
               Cuff pull from the local hardware store 
Courtesy of The Rosie Network, "Garage 36" is featured in the August edition of Woman's Day!! What an honor!!   Andrea Gallagher of Andrea Gallagher Photography is the talented woman behind the lens here!    The Rosie Network was created by two military spouses,  Jill Ivie and Stephanie Brown.  They are dedicated to promote military spouses and their home businesses.  The Rosie Network is like Angie's List meets Etsy!   Their website is about to go viral soon so check it out!    Link up below to The Rosie Network and Andrea Gallagher Photography.
So, this has been on my list of things to try and I finally got a chance!  My client wanted that beachy, driftwood, rustic feel to her dresser and two nightstands.  I knew exactly how I wanted to create that look.  Vinegar and Steel Wool!  I didn't know how much I was going to need for these 3 pieces so I took 2 good size mason jars and filled them up with white vinegar about 3/4 full and put two pieces of fine grade, 0000 grade steel wool in the jar.  I let it sit for 4 days.   First the pieces were sanded down with my orbital DeWalt. I love that tool!!!  I also used this new sander, , it's a Ryobi Detail Sander, a nice addition to my collection :)   The wood was pine and had that typical orangey tinge to it.  Sorry, before picture  is non-existent! I think I just got to anxious to start and forgot, definitely happens! 
I used some white cotton cloths to apply the stain.  Gloves are a must! I only needed one coat of the natural stain.  
I love the smell of this chemical free wax I used!  It's called Howard Citrus Shield.  Great product, a little spendy, but worth it.  Glass knobs are from Anthropologie.  Totally love the outcome and so did the client. 
I took a little break when my husband came home from Deployment, of course!!    It's so wonderful to have him home!! Now I might put him to work in the garage for me since he has some leave time!!   Check out the before and after pics of these two custom pieces in my Project Gallery.     
                                                                               The Nitty Gritty

                                                    This is a custom painted cabinet for a little girls room.  
                                                    Paint:   Old faithful  Cotton Fluff by Behr for the body
                                                                    Aqua Rapids and Corn Stalk by Behr for the stripes
                                                      A little distressing with a 120 grit sand paper 
                                                      Poly coats by Varathane 
                                                      Knobs from Anthropologie ( Love this place!!)

Stay Tuned for more matching pieces to this nightstand!   Before pic in the Gallery.   This was an outdated piece, but with new hardware, a splash of color and a new stain color,  voila!! Much more modern and totally changes the style of a room.   

                                                                                            The Nitty Gritty

                                                                                  Color:  Lightyear by Behr  (it's a light grey) 
                                                                                   Stain:  Ebony Minwax 
                                                                                    Poly by Varathane
                                                                                    Cuff pull from the local hardware store 

The Low Down
This outdated 80's hutch needed a BIG makeover!   
Glass doors removed, the mirror on the back taken out and the glass shelf removed.  Plywood cut to take the place of the glass shelf. 
You can see the before pic below in a recent post.  Nothing like a fun pop of color to liven up a kitchen.
The mirror was replaced with paint on wall paper made to look like copper tiles.   Found this at Lowe's, awesome!!  Metallic Copper Spray by Valspar.  The gorgeous knobs with a hint of coral are from Antropologie,  of course :) 
Paint:  Behr in Mermaid Treasure
Lightly distressed with 80 grit
Glazed in Mocha by Valspar
Sealed in a Satin Poly


    Beauty on a Budget!  Former teacher turned furniture painter extraordinaire, who would have thought :) I live in sunny San Diego but more specifically on Coronado island, my fairytale home.  I love being a mom, wife, friend and entrepreneur.  Besides "Garage 36" I have been fortunate enough to own a business with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. Helping people get the best skin of their lives and helping them grow their own business.  I really enjoy working from home on my terms and create my own lifestyle.

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